Gordon Hayward Finally Returns

Tonight is the night. The night that Celtics fans have been waiting for since October 17, 2017, when Gordon Hayward was robbed from us. Gordon Hayward is officially returning to the Boston Celtics lineup and is starting the season opener.

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People forget just how good Gordon Hayward is at basketball. He is a former Western Conference all-star, averaged at least 19 points per game his past three seasons (obviously not including last year), and is one of the few players in the league that play well on both sides of the ball. The addition of Hayward makes the Celtics even more dangerous this season. Inserting an all-star into the starting lineup will help your team eleven times out of ten. I know, what a hot take, but trust me.

There are definitely some questions heading into this season surrounding Hayward. Will he be the same player he once was? Is his ankle going to give out? How do we incorporate another offensive weapon into the lineup? Expect these types of questions to be asked about one million times for the upcoming months.

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If we are looking at this realistically, I believe Hayward will have a slow start to the season and THAT IS OKAY! Do not panic if it takes some time for Hayward to get back into the swing of things. He did take a year off of physical activity and basketball only to return to play NBA basketball. Brad Stevens already said that he is going to limit his minutes during the first few weeks of the year.

Regardless of if you are a Celtics fan or not, you have to be happy to see Hayward’s return to the lineup. That injury was one of the worst things I have ever seen in my life. The fact that this guy still jumps and makes cuts on that foot amazes me. If that happened to me, I would just retire and cut my foot off. Even now, I wince every time I see Hayward jump and land. But hey, he obviously trusts his ankle, the doctors cleared him, and he gets to play in a Boston Celtics uniform tonight.

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