Gronk Should NOT Appeal His Suspension

About a half hour ago, I published the results of the People’s Poll I put on Twitter about Rob Gronkowski’s impending punishment for attacking

If you don’t want to read that whole thing, here’s the important part:

“Your actions were not incidental, could have been avoided and placed the opposing player at risk of serious injury.”

While Gronk is allowed to appeal his suspension, I don’t think he should. It’s a bad enough look that he attacked a defenseless White as he lay on the ground. To turn around now and appeal his punishment shows his blatant disregard for White’s health and safety and that of every football player.

Not to mention, strategically, it’d be better for Gronk to take the suspension now instead of appealing. It’s way better for him to miss next Monday’s game against Miami than the following Sunday against the Steelers, a much more fearsome matchup.

Attacking someone when they’re down is not a power move. If Gronk wants to stay a beloved and respected player, he’ll shut up and take his punishment.

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