Gronk’s Hit Was Cheap, But Tre’Davious White Deserves An Oscar -@WTPscotch

The hit happened after Brady lofted a ball up that fell short of its mark, possibly on purpose to draw a call. That’s not the issue. The issue is that after Tre’Davious White picked the ball off, we all saw Gronk jump off the top rope to kill white.

Ya, the shoulder was dirty, suspend the dude, whatever. What I want to focus on here getting Tre’Davious White set up for an Oscar nomination.


That right there is the video of the hit thats in question. Now Gronk is a big dude and he threw his body right on White…. but its really not all it seems to be. I can’t say it enough, it was bad, but it wasn’t like Gronk actually did anything. Its the intent that should get him roasted by the NFL. watch the video and you tell me where he hit.

Its pretty obvious that the brink of the impact was from Gronkowski’s mid section to the shoulder area of White. White proceeded to stay not he ground for what seemed like 3 hours with a dazed look in his eye like he just got hit with a bat. Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 3.55.44 PM.png

Anyone with a brain knows that White was faking to draw more of a reaction from the NFL, especially in a game where you know that your team is getting shoved around like a nerd in highschool. UPDATE: I was apparently wrong about the concussion, so I’ll eat my shoe. But it remains that he drew that out way longer than it needed to be.

So with all of that said, White needs an Oscar or at least a nomination. His performance was of Depp caliber, very impressive, I must say. If football doesn’t work out for him, I’m sure Hollywood will be in his DM’s super fast. 



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  1. Dude you’re scum for even writing this article. Classic click bait garbage. And of course you would play a video not showing Gronk drill his forearm into White’s neck/head area.

  2. Dilly fucking Dilly that was an acting job. I went to Panthers vs Sharks NHL game Friday eve and saw hits a billion times worse than that and no injuries. White ate an astro turf sando and the rest is an act

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