“Poopy Brain” Parody Is 100% More Lyrically Intelligent Than Gucci Gang -@WTPscotch

You’ve all heard it. Gucci Gang is literally at the top of the charts on just about every music streaming app (all 2 that people care about) that there is. Not only does it show that being intelligent does not equate to being wealthy, but it’s definitely a direct representation of how stupid the human race has become. Definitely don’t come at me with the “oh well if he’s so stupid then how’d he get to the top of the charts”, because you can refer to the “human race” part of my comment for that reason.

The actual song (if you want to even call it that), from first word to last word, is 1:44. He says Gucci Gang 53 times. It’s insane. Mind blowing, actually. For those of you who haven’t heard it, I’m not even going to pollute your innocent ear drums by putting the actual song in this post. Be thankful that you haven’t heard it. I’d rather listen to my brother’s madden trash talk for hours on end about how he owns me in the game constantly as opposed to listening to Gucci Gang from start to finish. 

Luckily, I do have a treat for you. If you haven’t heard the song, then just enjoy the fact that the guy says poopy brain 53 times and giggle a little bit. For everyone that has been unlucky enough to hear the glorified trash, you’ll appreciate this. It’s far more lyrically graced than it’s original version. 

Poopy Brain Vid

PS.  Dude kinda looks like @WTPmikeyT



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