Has Darren Rovell finally gone too far?

My word. After rolling out of bed this morning at the crack of ass to head to the gym (I’m healthy, no big deal), I wiped the remnants of sleep from my eyes, picked up my phone, and checked one of my most hated favorite websites of all time, twitter dot com. It’s brought me so much joy in the past.

But not today. Not today. (WARNING)

These eyes simply could not believe what they were seeing. A tweet from everyone’s favorite sports business reporter…that included video of one of the most gruesome assassinations in the history of the world?!No. It couldn’t be.

7:23 AM?! No one in their right mind would post such a video so early in the morning. And sure, Darren is known for pushing the envelope in the name of #content. We’ve all been there. It’s a dog eat dog world and everyone needs an edge. But a man must have a code. This morning across the country, common men and women like me and you sat down with their morning coffee to peruse the Internet’s newspaper of tweets only to find this. I can almost see the coffee being spat out of mouths from Maine to Michigan (and out to California a few hours later).

There must be some other explanation. Some relation to sports, right? No. But wait—perhaps Darren has expanded his coverage areas. I quickly clicked to his bio.

It was at this moment where I audibly gasped. This tweet certainly had nothing to do with the business of sports betting. Maybe the business of hunting men for sport, but certainly a man of integrity such as Darren couldn’t use such a spin merely to chase “clout” on the internet. And yet, there was the tweet.

This time, it’s just too far.

A man was murdered, Darren. Murdered. He died in the arms of his loving wife as his brains and blood dripped from his skull. As he recoiled from the blow, the sounds of possible additional shots were drowned out by her screams the the screech of tires as the limousine pulled away in hopes of saving a man from the gripes of death. Pain and fear swept through the area. Some cried. Some were too shocked to speak. All mourned the loss of joy and happiness from the world.

Some people just don’t know where to draw the line.

They certainly aren’t convenient at 7:26 AM. Neither are your horrible tweets, Big D.


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