Hey Danny, Listen Up: What the Celtics Need to do This Offseason

The Celtics’ offseason is finally here, and as a long-time Celtics fan, this is a Christmas all summer long. And Christmas came early when the Celtics got the number 1 pick in June’s draft. They have so many assets and enough money to sign a max contract this offseason. For some reason, non-Boston sports writers think they know best even they don’t know Boston. Trading Isaiah and shopping the pick are two awful decisions. This is half a letter to Danny Ainge, half me voicing my completely biased opinion. What I say next is a breakdown of every offseason move that needs to be taken care of in my complete biased opinion. Read it or not. Agree with it or not. But know when Danny Ainge does everything I’m about to say and wins a championship, just recognize who said it first.

Isaiah Thomas – Keep him. Simple as that. Nothing more really needs to be said about it, but I’ll continue anyways. Since Isaiah got hurt and the Celtics won the next game, the “Do the Celtics really need Isaiah” articles have spread like the Black Plague. Isaiah is the leader of this team and I think it is unfair to him. I would completely understand these claims if the Celtics pulled something out their ass and won the whole series, but it was one game. A game where they also one on the luckiest of bounces (I still love you Avery) where the best player in the world had 11 points. I don’t want to hear the “Lebron had 11 because the Celtics play great defense.” I don’t give a shit how good of defense you play, Lebron is Lebron. The Celtics defense had nothing to do with that, he just had a shitty night, we all have them. Isaiah has done nothing wrong in Boston and this season he was the first MVP candidate the Celtics have had in a good while. In his two and half seasons with Boston, he’s only gotten better and I bet he’ll get even better next year too. The thing that surprises me the most is how Celtics fans have gone from being behind this guy when he experienced a horrible series of events to wanting him gone in less than two weeks time. There’s no better point guard in the draft or in free agency. Keep Isaiah.

The Draft – Keep the damn pick. Why in the hell would you trade it away? I would maybe think about it in a Paul George or Jimmy Butler package but in both those scenarios, the Pacers and the Bulls have asked for too much and then also wanting the pick, so as of right now, I say keep it and draft Markelle Fultz. Lonzo and Lavar are coming nowhere near Boston. I think Ainge knows this. Fultz had less help in Washington and put up better scoring numbers and almost equal assists. Markelle is Washington guy just like Isaiah. I think Fultz could play the off guard next to Thomas and become the second scoring option. With the other three picks, I look towards players like Dwayne Bacon, Caleb Swanigan, Isaiah Hicks, or Nigel Hayes. All of them would fit the Celtics system and with three second round picks, a draft and stash wouldn’t surprise me.

Free Agency – The Celtics have 5 players with expiring contracts. I keep one of them, maybe two. Amir Johnson is gone in a heartbeat. He can’t leave quick enough. Holy shit, I hate Amir so much. He was a waste of money. Gerald Green was a good one-year signee. If I were him, I’d retire. He’s had a solid career, probably one of the best dunkers of this generation, but he’s starting to lose his hops and he’s becoming a shooter, and I don’t want to see another Vince Carter story. James Young is a bum. He hasn’t done shit in the NBA and came in the same time as Marcus Smart and he’s so much worse. It’s time to part ways. Jonas Jerebko is a good shooter and he can be kept. I would be okay packaging him in a deal for a superstar but I’d keep him for the right amount. The last free agent is Kelly Olynyk. Since game 7, I love Kelly man. I want to keep him until the end of time. I would like to see a few players in green next year and at the top of that list is Gordan Hayward. Hayward said he is okay to leave Utah and he would be a perfect fit in Boston in my opinion. Blake Griffin is not a great player anymore and I don’t want him in Boston. A center is desperately needed and Al Horford doesn’t fit that bill. He is a power forward at heart. I like Nerlens Noel or Mason Plumlee is this role. Noel is the better player but Plumlee is without a doubt is cheaper. Plumlee lacks offensive game compared to Noel but they play equal defense.

Danny Ainge, this is your gameplan. Follow or not. It’s your championship. This is the easiest roadmap. Then you still have the ability to trade for another superstar of you want. If you want me to help a little more, tweet me @WTPFox.

Isaac Fox



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