Hey Leafs Fans: This is Not your Year

If you are a Toronto Maple Leafs fan, you have been waiting for a Stanley Cup championship for 52 years.

You folks have not won Hockey’s Holy Grail since 1967. What’s also unfortunate for you folks is that you guys came somewhat close a few times in the last 20 years:

– 1999: Lost in the Eastern Conference Finals to the Buffalo Sabres

– 2002: Lost in the Eastern Conference Finals to the Carolina Hurricanes

Unfortunately, you folks haven’t come anywhere near winning the Cup since then. In fact, your team experienced several seasons of not even getting into the playoffs.

With that said, things began to change a few seasons ago. With head coach Mike Babcock and players like Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner, and Frederik Andersen, the team has made the playoffs the last two seasons and appears to be well on their way to making it for the third straight season.

I am about to tell you Leafs’ fans something that you do not want to hear: this is not the year you will snap your Cupless streak. You may have a very talented roster and you may get into the playoffs, but I’m sorry folks. This is simply not your time.

Here are the reasons why the Leafs will not win it all this season:

Poor Defensive Play
Simply put, your team’s defensive play isn’t very good.

I realize that your team is currently 15th in the league in goals allowed, which really isn’t terrible. With that said, if your team’s recent play is any indication, you guys are in serious trouble.

In your club’s last four games, your team has given up 24 goals. I’m sorry, but a true cup contender cannot be giving up that many goals if they want a chance at Lord Stanley.

Allow Too Many Shots
Speaking of not playing good defense, your favorite hockey club gives up way too many shots on a nightly basis.

As of this writing your team allows an average of about 33 shots against. That puts your team 24th in the league in that category, which clearly isn’t a good thing.

Your goaltenders cannot be under siege come playoff time. If that is going to be the case, you folks may not even make it out of the first round.

Still an Inexperienced Hockey Club
Your team is still very young and does not have enough playoff experience.

While I am well aware that this will be the third straight season in which the Leafs have made the postseason, their recent play shows that they have trouble learning from their mistakes. You cannot have a team give up more than five goals in each of their last four games.

A team needs to be able to learn from game-to-game and when it comes to the Leafs, they have shown that they have not done that on a consistent enough basis.

Keep Pushing
What Leafs fans should be happy about is that their team is getting better every season.

With that said, they need to realize that when it comes to winning the Cup, this is not the season that will be happening for the blue and white.

*Photo: The Toronto Star


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