Hey Twitter, Be Better, Please?

People often can be quoted as saying “twitter stays undefeated”. Well, Sunday they may have taken their first loss.

While most of us at WTP Sports were gearing up to go absolutely crazy to watch Tiger Woods compete for his fifth Green Jacket, our team woke up to some crappy news. Twitter decided to “suspend” many of our accounts, including our main page, @WTPSports, for no apparent reason.

Questions flew around my head. What did we do wrong? Who was so offended by something to go out of their way to screw us over? Then I realized Twitter could be dumb.

I mean, look, we may come off as a group of sports and lifestyle writers that are spread out throughout the country, busting their asses to get their writing out on a platform, but it’s more than that. We bought in. We work hard for one common goal: growth.

Twitter allows the head of ISIS to have a Twitter page, even some pages that have some of the most offensive content on the Internet there, but out of everyone in the planet, over seven BILLION people that live on it, you ban us? Come on, man.

We did create a new Twitter, @WTPsport, but that it isn’t the point. We got screwed. I think I can speak for the writers when I say that we will not let this affect us. We will continue to work hard, producing some of the best content on the internet.

Twitter, you may be entertaining, but at the same time, you guys can be cruel. Give us our pages back, damn it.

Also, give us a follow on the new page, @WTPsport. It would mean a lot to us.

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