Highway Hockey in Canada


Allow me to blow the dust off my cliche game for a second and remind you all that “With great adversity comes great opportunity,” or something like that. Close enough.
Anyway, a group of people involved in a massive pileup on Highway 40 near L’Assomption, Quebec  — about 45 kilometres northeast of Montreal — turned a pretty garbage situation into a much more pleasant one Sunday morning when an impromptu game of hockey broke out as travellers waited for emergency crews to re-open the road.


*Photo Credit: Yahoo! Sports

As you are all aware of by now, I am obsessed with hockey.
I love everything about the game. Goals, hits, saves, speed, youth, dangles, soft hands, etc. If it’s hockey, I’m a fan.
You know what else I love about hockey? Canada.
Sure, us Americans make fun of Canadians all the time, but when it comes hockey, they are the best country in the world. The picture above proves it.
Stuck on a highway in Canada? Have no fear, hockey is always there.
Instead of sitting in a cold car, these folks got out and played some puck. Where else would you see this?
Hockey is everything north of the border, folks. It is Canada’s religion and when Canadians are presented with the right opportunity, they will play their favorite pastime anywhere, which is something to be admired when it comes to my favorite sport.

It may look like bad traffic to a lot of you. To me, it looks like heaven.

*Photo: Trail Times


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