“HoodRat Stuff” Kid is Almost 18 and Still Stealing Cars

West Palm Beach, Florida

Consider me shocked! This is unbelievable! If you were to ask me if a child who stole their Grandma’s SUV at the tender age of 7 was going to get caught stealing another car later in life, I would’ve answered: NO WAY, NO CHANCE, NO HOW. But here we are.

Everybody remembers this kid, but nobody remembers his name. It’s Latarian Milton. And our favorite “it’s fun to do bad things” poster child is back at it again! The clip from him 10 years ago is, without a doubt,  the perfect little time capsule of the past and such an eye-opening glimpse into the future.

Never had I ever expected to see that face again, but the words “I wanted to do hoodrat stuff with my friends” is a rallying cry I’ll NEVER forget and ALWAYS be able to support. Not the actual acts of hoodrat stuff, that I won’t endorse, but the phrase itself. It’s powerful. It’s moving.  A 7-year-old’s cry for help has actually made him pretty internet famous — something we all know is life goal number one for most teenagers (and the Paul Brothers) so I have a feeling when Milton clears up all of his legal trouble, he’ll probably sign endorsement deals, maybe start a clothing line.  Hell, he already has an entire rap album full of life experiences, he’ll probably start writing that while he’s locked up in Juvie.

Look for “HoodRat Stuff” dropping in early 2019.

I’d like to add one more thing, Latarian Milton sure does love his friends. His affection for them is what landed him on our screens in the first place.  The other suspects who were in the car with him still haven’t been caught and ride-or-die Latarian obviously hasn’t flipped on them. Loyal to the core. You gotta respect that.


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