Houston Rockets Overreact and Waive Carmelo Anthony

Did the Houston Rockets overreact?

The Houston Rockets waived forward Carmelo Anthony Thursday evening. It was announced in the most NBA news way possible… via a “Woj Bomb.” According to Woj, “For now, Anthony will remain on the Rockets Roster, but will not rejoin the team, sources say.”

Using this information as any indication for where Melo should or could go, we must wonder, What is important to Carmelo Anthony as a basketball player?

Money, Winning, or Shots?

I feel like we’ve had this conversation before. What does Carmelo truly value as a basketball player?

We saw in his last few years in New York he signed a large contract with the Knicks when they were clearly not in the state to compete for a title.

Next, he requested a trade out of New York and ended up in Oklahoma City. Now, I know that going from the first option to the third option as a player is probably tough. However, Carmelo was not open to the idea to being the 6th man where he would lead the second unit and get as many shots as he wanted. Once this past year with the Thunder concluded, he was traded to the Hawks and then waived by the team in the same week.

The Houston Rockets signed Carmelo Anthony to the Veteran Minimum this off-season. He played 10 games this year and shot the ball below his normal average. Although Melo is looked at as the problem—hence why they released him—he was being asked to do too much. He is a guy who can come in and shot for you in high volumes and play zero defense. The Houston Rockets were trying to have him fill the Trevor Ariza role from last season. This is not something Carmelo can do. He was averaging almost 30 minutes per game before being released. The key to finding out what is important to Carmelo Anthony is what he became willing to do.

Willing to come off the Bench?

Carmelo stated he was willing to play a lesser role on the Rockets. Without knowing if that was because his Banana Boat Buddy and teammate Chris Paul was encouraging this, we can use this to see where he could possibly end up.

A few places that would be viable if he were willing to take a lesser role would be the Lakers, 76ers, and Trailblazers. All three teams need the same one thing…


These teams could take the risk and sign Carmelo Anthony for the Veteran Minimum and immediately get a Vet who can shot the ball well from the field, league average from three, and 80 percent plus from the line.

It all depends on Carmelo’s willingness to take a step back and help a team win.

Photo: NY Post


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