I don’t want to overreact or anything, but the Cleveland Browns are back and are back with a vengeance

Just three weeks ago on this very platform, I declared that the Cleveland Browns were dead. The Browns had just lost a shit show of a game to the lowly Denver Broncos to fall to 2-6 and I went full-on scorched Earth. I wanted Freddie Kitchens fired, I wanted both coordinators, I wanted the team relegated to the XFL, I just wanted everything to die a fiery death. The team was playing uninspired at best, and was downright unwatchable at worst. 

But then something funny happened, those loveable losers off of Lake Eerie started to actually play some good football. A close win at home over a playoff contender in the Buffalo Bills, a defensive “beatdown” (for lack of a better term) over an interdivisional rival against the Steelers, and then an offensive outpouring against the surging Miami Dolphins yesterday. One second the sky is falling and the Browns look to be heading towards a top-five pick in the draft, the next they’re 5-6 and firmly entrenched in the wildcard hunt. The trials and tribulations of being a Browns fan on full display. 

I don’t want to drop too big of a bomb on you folks so early on a Monday morning, but the Cleveland Browns have a very real chance of making the playoffs. Yes, yes, I know, you’re screaming at your screens, “Owen, You’re delusional! There’s no chance the Browns can sneak into the playoffs this year!” And I would say just let me explain and live out my fantasy a little bit please. 

The Cleveland Browns are currently the 10th seed in the AFC. They trail the Raiders, Colts, and Titans in teams that are on the outside looking in, each sitting at 6-5. The Browns have to play the Steelers, Bengals (twice), Cardinals, and Ravens. Three of those games are home games. There’s a serious chance that the Browns can win four out of those five games and finish the season with a 9-7 record. Who would’ve thunk it? The team that was 2-6 in early November crawling out of the depths of hell to finish above .500? What the hell, miracles can happen. Yeah, ALOT of things have to go right for it to happen, mainly the Steelers and Titans having losing records down the stretch and Oakland and Indy just disappearing, but as Llyod Christmas once said


The Browns are playing like a team that is motivated right now. Maybe they’re motivated by the injustice done to Myles Garrett by the NFL, I know that Dee Haslam is definitely motivated by it.

All I’m saying is this; The Browns are going to slip the dawgs of war on the Steelers next week. If Mike Tomlin and the city of Pittsburgh had any guts, they would stick Mason Rudolph under center so he could take his punishment for being a bigot like a man. I know that they benched his sorry ass against the Bengals, a fate worse than death, but it’s time to nut up or shut up for the former Oklahoma State QB and expose himself to world as the fraud that he is.

Baker Mayfield, our fearless leader, has already come out and said it doesn’t matter who the signal caller is next week, there’s going to be hell to pay. 

The Browns are a runaway train right now, Pittsburgh is just another pile of garbage on the traintracks. 


Photo via Jamie Sabau/Getty Images


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