Make Kevin Love Fat Again

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Kevin Love recently signed a 4 year, $120 million extension with the Cleveland Cavaliers, and honestly, what else was Cleveland supposed to do? They have accepted the fact that they are going to be mediocre at best for years on end, as there isn’t any light at the end of their tunnel…or is there? This current Cavs team is a boring, bad team to watch, but is just one move away from becoming way more fun. The answer is simple: Make Kevin Love Fat Again.

Now that LeBron and Kyrie are gone, Kevin Love is finally the number one on an NBA team again. The last time he had that responsibility, he was dominating over in Minnesota. He was the Kevin Love that Cleveland thought they were getting until LeBron went ahead and ruined him. Sure, Love might feel better and more confident now that he is skinnier and way more in shape, but fat Kevin Love straight up balled.

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During his six year run in Minnesota, Love averaged 19.2 PPG and 12.2 RPG. He was literally a walking double-double because running as a fat guy was kind of difficult. In the 2010-11 season for the T-Wolves, Love was the rebounding champion averaging 15.3 RPG. He was also a three-time All Star for Minnesota. So just how do these numbers compare to his time in Cleveland? Well for the Cavs, he was always the third option, averaging 17.1 PPG and 10.0 RPG. Love lost the way he used to play the game because he mainly became a spot up 3-point shooter instead of a versatile big man. Now that he is the man in Cleveland, I am dying to see him return to his old ways.

Rookie point guard Colin Sexton could pair very well with Love. They can be a nice one-two punch that will grow over the next few years. However, step one of this entire process is to get Love fat again. The Cleveland trainers shouldn’t work as hard with him. Let him takes some reps off and give him way more chest days. Just make sure his diet goes right down the drain. Put on some pounds and lose some muscle and before you know it, Kevin Love puts himself in the MJ vs. LeBron conversation. In no way am I saying Love is bad at basketball. However, as history and stats have proven, a bigger Kevin Love results in a better Kevin Love.

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