Important Advice for Kyler Murray

I used to think that nobody was ever truly better than anybody else. We were all just living our lives as best we could within our own circumstance. Then, some punk out of Norman, Oklahoma shatters my entire world view.

Simply put, Kyler Murray is better than me. I can’t even touch my toes without ripping three muscles, 11 tendons, and getting a rib removed, but Kyler Murray has the nerve to be an All-American football AND baseball player.

Murray was drafted 9th overall in the MLB draft to the Oakland A’s as a center fielder, but that may not be good enough for “Wonderboy” over here. Reports came back that Kyler Murray is going to enter the NFL draft.

Declaring for the NFL draft does not guarantee Murray will play football over baseball, but there is a legitimate case to be made that the NFL is the smarter career path.

The hater and the losers of the world will tell you that baseball is the safer sport and his career will be longer. They will say football players barely make it to 30 years old. Those same people will be rooting for Tom Brady (41), Drew Brees (40), and Philip Rivers (37) in the NFL playoffs this weekend. Fernando Rodney will be the oldest player in the MLB this season at the ripe age of 42, but Rodney is a pitcher. Starting center fielders over the age of 30 are few and far between in the MLB. That means Murray will either have to change positions once his speed falters, or retire entirely.

“But Murray is a running quarterback. He won’t survive the NFL” They will tell you.

Horseshit! Kyler Murray is a quarterback who CAN run. He can sit in the pocket and pick apart defenses if he needs to. Watch him step up into the pocket and thread the needle against Iowa State.

Murray has the intangibles to make it as an NFL passer. He plays the game with his brain as much as his arm.

Look how he knows exactly where to put the ball to throw his receiver open. That is sound coverage by the Texas DB on the slant route. This forces Murray to lead his target and Murray puts the ball in a place where only his receiver can make the catch. That type of vision does not diminish with age.

“But Murray is going to get hurt playing football!”

Have you even seen the NFL in 2019? Clay Matthews gets a 15-yard penalty, a $30K fine, and banished to Azkaban just for looking at a quarterback. No position in all of sports gets the kind of protection the QB gets. Sure, there will be injuries along the way, but even baseball players have to take a stint on the DL every now and then.

“But baseball players make more money!”

Giancarlo Stanton is the highest paid player in the MLB. He cashed in on an absurd 13-year, $325M contract in 2015 that averages $27M a year. That’s a whole lot of moolah for a guy with 211 strike-outs. HOWEVAH, Aaron Rodgers, Matt Ryan, Kirk Cousins, and Mathew Stafford all made more in 2018. Quarterbacks are making more than ever! Heck, Cousins and Stafford aren’t even particularly good. All Murray needs to do is be an average QB at the end of his lucrative rookie deal to make $30M+ a year.

That’s just salary by the way. The NFL does a much better job marketing its star players than the MLB. In turn, NFL players should be able to make more on marketing deals. Murray’s personal brand will be worth much more in the NFL than in the MLB. The everyday fan will struggle to recognize Ronald Acuna Jr, but you better be sure as shit they will recognize Baker Mayfield from his incredible as for PSD underwear.

baker i guess

You don’t get this kind of swagger (or this kind of money) in the MLB.

Photos: Baker MayfieldUSA Today



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