Is Adam Gase the Meanest Head Coach in Sports?

Sports has a long and storied history of coaches chewing out their players and punishing them on a large scale. Tom Izzo screaming at his players in the NCAA tournament, Patrick Roy being left in net to allow 9 goals, Billy Martin pulling Reggie Jackson from a Red Sox game and nearly coming to blows with the Hall of Famer, coaches will always try to put one over on their subordinates. 

This may be one of the most obvious examples of a coach punishing their players in the history of sports. 

Sam Darnold, the Jets second-year quarterback, was brought back, arguably prematurely,  from mono last week and instantly got his dick sucked by every member of the sports media world. Everyone was saying how this game was going to be a tough matchup for the Patriots and how the Jets had a chance to keep it close. That door was quickly and emphatically slammed shut as the Patriots STEAMROLLED the Jets 33-0 in the Meadowlands on Monday Night Football. Darnold was tasked with staring down the best defense since the 2000 Ravens, and he was exposed in the process. Almost instantly, Darnold was overmatched and threw an interception on his first pass of the game. Not great, but things can get better. Pats go up 17-0 by the end of the first quarter. Darnold comes out for his first possession of the second quarter and gets strip-sacked by John Simon. Alright, that’s not good, but hey everyone has a bad first half every now and then. Pats score on the next drive and all of the sudden it’s 24-0 with 9 minutes left in the second quarter. Plenty of time for Darnold to lead the Jets down the field and get the Jets in the endzo- He threw another interception. At this point, Jets head coach Adam Gase should have realized the game was over, his quarterback is being eaten alive by a pack of wild hyenas, and pulled him for the rest of the game. 

 I mean he was literally telling the world that he was mentally unwell. 

But instead, Adam Gase wanted to prove a point to someone and left Darnold in. On the Jets’ first possession of the second half, Darnold throws another pick, his third on the night. At this point, everyone and their mother is screaming at the following at their TVs and Adam Gase: 

But Adam Gase, the scary SOB that he is, whispered menacingly “No…”, and sent Darnold back out there and KEPT HIM OUT THERE FOR THE REST OF THE NIGHT. Darnold would later go onto punch a ball out of the back of the endzone for a safety and throw his fourth interception of the night. 

Safe to say, Sam Darnold didn’t have a great Monday night. 

Why would Adam Gase do this? What type of twisted individual leaves their franchise quarterback to be mauled by a group of wolves in a blowout and get essentially crucified on national television? You can’t say that this was for experience or learning the game or any of that shit. This was the Sam Darnold embarrassment game. Adam Gase knew the runaway train that was coming down the tracks, and he threw his second-year QB, who is still recovering from mono LET’S NOT FORGET, directly in front of that train. 

This was cruel, this was uncomfortable to watch, this was flat out mean. 

Adam Gase is a dick.

Photo via ESPN’s Monday Night Football.



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