Is Bully Ball Back in the Mecca?

Knick fans prepare yourself, another season has begun in the most Knicks way possible.

The Knicks made their preseason debut against the Washington Wizards Monday night, coming out with a 104-99 victory, but the professional debut of third overall pick RJ Barrett’s debut with the full team, or the fact that they won, but it was the antics of Marcus Morris.

The newly acquired Morris who voided his two year deal he signed with the Spurs to sign a one year deal with New York, had the ball at the left wing of the three point line, while being guarded by Washington forward Justin Anderson. The Wizards forward complained about being elbowed by Morris mid-play, and Morris decided to bop his defender in the head with the ball, leading to a minor scum, and ejection.

If this happened in the Garden, the place would have went nuts in favor of Morris. The Knicks have been missing that grit and tough play since Charles Oakley was in uniform. This is the type of attitude the young Knicks need to learn from.

Morris has played in very important games throughout his NBA career, and has even been quoted as saying he wants to “protect the Garden”. What he is saying should be music to fans ears.

The Knicks may have missed out on landing Zion… and Kevin Durant… and Kyrie Irving, but they got Marcus Morris in the Blue and Orange, and his style of play can help build the young core up. Bully ball is back in the Mecca.



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