Is Mike Tomlin Done in Pittsburgh? – @WTPFox

The Pittsburgh Steelers lost in the Divisional round to the Blake Bortles led Jacksonville Jaguars, 45-42. It seemed as the game progressed, the Steelers coaching became more and more questionable. I doubt he’ll leave, but I think the front office in Pittsburgh has serious thinking to do.

With a 116-50 regular season record and a now 8-7 playoff record, Tomlin has been good. He has one Super Bowl ring and he earned that but I think now his seat going into next year will be the hottest. In the game against Jacksonville alone, many things that caused a loss can be traced back to coaching decisions. Jacksonville played a great game and I’m taking nothing away from that, but it seemed Tomlin didn’t even try to make a single defensive adjustment the whole game. If Blake Bortles is all the sudden considered an elite quarterback against your defense, it may be a decent idea to try and switch it up and call some new schemes. I get it is just as much on the coordinator as Tomlin, but he still oversees it. And then the onside kick. That may be the worst coaching decision this season. You always kick it long, and of course, the ensuingĀ Jags possession seemed like the only time the Steelers D came alive and got a 3-and-out. Too bad Lambo has Thor’s hammer as a leg.

Tomlin is probably one of the worst in-game coaches there is. Tomlin is able to gameplan with the best of them but seems as soon as something happens that isn’t on his sheet, he becomes the next Hue Jackson. Tomlin needs to make better decisions on the run and he never has been able to. Tomlin has also been extremely fortunate to have the team he has over his tenure. Big Ben is Hall of Fame quarterback, AB is the best receiverĀ in the NFL right now and his defense is always strong. I think on many other teams, Tomlin has a difficult time matching this success. Ever since that tripping bullshit he tried to pull, Tomlin and the Steelers have never been the same. It’s time to start thinking about cutting ties.




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