Is Pittsburgh Cleaning House or Making Way For the Next Generation of Bucs?

Andrew McCutchen is on the move. The 5x All-Star is headed to San Fran to join a Giants roster that has already added a former All Star, Evan Longoria, to their lineup already this offseason.


Cutch is a career .291 hitter and Gold Glove Award-winner, 4 Silver Slugger Awards, and one-time NL League MVP. More than numbers and awards, the man who wears #22 has long been the face of the Pittsburgh Pirates organization. Despite all of this, the possibility of Cutch being moved out of Pittsburgh has been out there for a while now, especially when he was moved from center field to right field to make way for the younger and talented outfield core. Now the possible has become reality, and Pittsburgh has sent away a player who helped put them on the map as a legitimate contender in recent years. Though they do have a ton of young and exciting talent who are ready if not near ready, it’ll be weird to see Andrew in colors other than black and yellow.

Ironically, this trade comes around the same time as ANOTHER All-Star is being dealt OUT of Pittsburgh. Gerrit Cole, who has been the Ace of the Bucs’ staff for most of his 5 years in the league, is headed to the defending champion Houston Astros. And to be honest, in my opinion at least, unless the prospects they got in return for both All-Stars are hidden treasures, I don’t believe either of these trades produced fair returns. Maybe it had more to do with getting rid of their salaries, but I can’t understand why they got who they got in these trades. The names Andrew McCutchen and Gerrit Cole alone should be enough to sway many teams into dropping a top prospect. So as of today, I don’t quite get these deals, but we’ll see how Pittsburgh looks come this spring.


As for a little side note, the recipients of Andrew McCutchen, the San Francisco Giants, have yet to release any of their top prospects in either deal for Cutch OR Longo, so I would NOT be surprised to hear their name come up again for some of the big-name trade candidates that have floated around. Or if they can find the money, they may make an offer to Yu Darvish or Jake Arrieta to add an arm since they added two All-Stars to bolster their lineup and defense already. Who knows, but they’ll be fun to keep an eye on.

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