Is Robby Cano Coming Home?

The baseball offseason is arguably the best part of baseball behind the World Series. Between players changing uniforms or staying put and managers getting fired and hired, all is fun for the fans to watch.

Right now, the New York Yankees are looking to make their team better to compete with defending champion and longtime rival Boston Red Sox. So far they’ve added star pitcher James Paxton, and general manager Brian Cashman has made it clear that they are not done making moves. Their next move could see the return of a very familiar face.

Robbie Cano, don’t ya know? That’s right, former Yankees’ second basemen Robinson Cano could be returning to the Bronx. Cano was a huge help during the 2009 World Series title run. Granted, Robbie is no longer that same young star, but he still has a beautiful swing that is perfect for Yankee Stadium.

The following questions surrounding this move are questions that most Yankee fans are thinking about.

1) What happens when Didi returns?

With the Yankees’ star shortstop on the DL until late July, it’s obvious that the Yankees need to fill that spot. Rather than going after a big named player like Manny Machado, the Bombers could fill that hole via trade. Moving Torres to shortstop (his natural position) and keeping Andujar at third will allow Cano to play second.

The question stands, “What happens when Didi comes back?” Will the Yankees trade Cano? Cut Cano? DH Cano and let Stanton play outfield full-time? This move could help, but the follow up could be costly.

2) Are the Yankees as aggressive as the rumors say?

Current reports indicate that the Mets and Yankees are actively trying to work on a deal that will bring Cano back to New York, whether it’s in the Bronx or Queens. Rumors also indicate that Jacoby Ellsbury could be part of any potential deal. The real question is, was it just a couple phone calls or is there fire behind this some? Some Yankee fans will be happy, some will be mad, and the rest will be just like me; very confused.

Photo: Jim McIsaac


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