This has to be a catch, right?? Just unbelievable hand control by that kid. And how about that kick?! Good lord.

Just imagine the NFL getting its hands on this. I’m pretty sure we’d have to just shut down the whole league. Everything. Take a Sunday off. We’re gonna need a whole afternoon of super slo-mo zoomed in videos held up by that dude with the tiny ass table in the covered over by that box. Longest TV timeout of all-time. Shit, by the end of it, we’re gonna be putting the refs through the concussion protocol.

Honestly, though, your gotta call this a catch just out of pure amazement. It’s one of those calls. I know it sucks for the defense, but in reality, the game is just better if they call it a catch. End of story, give him the catch. Shit, put a point on the board, that shit was at least worth a PAT.

What’s your call?


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