Isles Need to Move on from Ho-Sang

The truth of the matter is that it is not a surprise¬†that the New York Islanders sent Josh Ho-Sang down to the AHL. In fact, I’m kind of surprised that they are even letting him play at that level.

Ho-Sang was the 28th overall pick in 2014, which means that he has had plenty of time to mature both on the ice and off the ice. Instead, he’s been extremely tough to figure out because while he has all the tools to be a great player on the ice, he never seems to be able to put it together and be the consistent player this franchise needs.

While it is surprising that GM Lou Lamoriello said that Ho-Sang did some good things in camp, he also pointed out the main issue that has plagued Ho-Sang with the franchise so far.

“He just needs to go to the minors, go there and get over all these issues that I haven’t seen that transpired in the past.”

Since being drafted, he has had a boatload of issues that have played an impact on him not being with the big club on a consistent basis. His comments on the importance of practice are one example.

Last week, the enigmatic forward alluded to that practice really is not important and that the only thing that matters is the actual game itself. He also went onto say that “lots of people are very good in practice. I have good days in practice. But I think you need to bring it to the game because they play 82 of those.”

This makes him come off as someone that does not care about working on his game and someone that also makes practice seem like a waste of time. He also came off as someone with really thin skin at the end of last season when he criticized the way the organization handled his development.

“It’s tough when you have people getting on you and sometimes when everyone’s talking to you about the negative, you may look at yourself negatively.”

That’s called being immature. Ho-Sang is supposed to be a professional and be mature enough to take the criticism and do something with it.

While Ho-Sang was not the only guy the Isles sent down on Monday, Lamoriello had a simple explanation as to why and one has to think if it is really directed at Ho-Sang.

“These players that are going down, they don’t deserve to be here right now. They haven’t played that well that they should be taking a job away from the veterans at this point.”

At this point, enough is enough. I know it’s tough to give up on a player that has a ton of potential, but Ho-Sang does not seem to get it.

It’s pretty ridiculous that during training camp, he took an “unexplained personal day”. What is that all about?

What the Isles should do is consider trading him. It is clear that Ho-Sang needs a fresh start somewhere else and the franchise needs to have prospects that want to work on getting better and work on becoming professionals.

Ho-Sang does not seem to be that guy at all.



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