It is Too Late to Jump on the Celtics’ Bandwagon

Before you continue reading this blog, please tell me who these people are…

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If you don’t know any of these people, then stop reading and stop telling people you are a Celtics fan. All of these players were on the Celtics within the last five years, so they shouldn’t be new to you, that is, if you are an actual Celtics fan. If you were not supporting this team when they were 25-57 just a short five years ago, then do not call yourself a Boston Celtics fan now.

The bandwagon is full, so find a new team. See, it is different here in Boston, we only accept fans that have been with the team through thick and thin. I would call myself an obsessive Boston Celtics fan, so I get irrationally angry when someone claims to be a Celtics fan but has no idea who anyone on the team is beyond the starting five.

This isn’t just a message for fans outside of New England, either; it is mostly directed to the fans in New England. The Celtics get the least respect out of the four major Boston sports teams, so do not pretend you care about them now. Now I know what you are going to say, “The NBA is trash why would I watch that?” “Dude, the NBA is so predictable.” “Who cares about the Celtics?” To those people, I hate you. Simple.

This Boston Celtics team has been five years in the making. Five years of sitting through Keith Bogans bring the ball up and passing it to Kris Humphries in the post. Five years of losing to LeBron in the playoffs. Five years of Avery Bradley running the pick and roll with Kelly Olynyk. They are going to be a very special team this season, so do not pretend to be a fan of them by the time the summer comes around and the Celtics are playing in the Eastern Conference Finals.

The season starts tonight, but for some of the people in Boston, the season doesn’t start until April. Get out. We do not want you. Celtics fans have waited patiently for a season like this one, and we refuse to allow any bandwagon fans to hop on now. “But Ty, I loved watching them in the playoffs last year!” Nice, not like I have heard that a million times. I hate the fact that people only like the Celtics when they are good. So if you are going to be a “diehard Celtics fan” this season, then the season starts tomorrow, not in the playoffs.

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