It Saddens Me to Announce That I Am No Longer a J.R. Smith Fan

It kills me to say this, but I think I am officially out on J.R. Smith, especially after what transpired the other day between him and Marcus Smart. After that, I’m done.

I used to love everything J.R. Smith, such as his “shooters shoot” attitude, his total unawareness of anything on the court, and his freakish athleticism. However, the Cavs version of J.R. Smith is not the same guy I grew up loving. I blame LeBron James, but then again, I always blame LeBron James.

As everyone saw this past weekend, J.R. Smith and Marcus Smart got into a fight during a preseason game. Why? Well, J.R. shoved Aron Baynes after the whistle (AKA a literal brick wall, don’t know what J.R. was thinking there) and Marcus Smart didn’t like that so he did what Marcus Smart does best, fight. Smart is one of the last people I would ever want to fight in the world, let alone the NBA. He takes the whole “bench with attitude” to a literal meaning.

Now you might be thinking, “Who cares? NBA fights aren’t even real. It’s just a bunch of people pushing each other.”  You aren’t wrong, but Smith and Smart have a history dating back to last year’s Eastern Conference Finals when J.R. pulled off one of the dirtiest moves in basketball to Al Horford.

Smart backs his guy up like any teammate should. You don’t take some guy out when he is in the air. It’s just common sense. So when J.R. and Smart got into another fight after he went after another Celtics big man, Smart’s reaction shouldn’t be a surprise.

Now there is a rumor going around that Smith said something about Marcus Smart’s recently deceased mother. If that’s the case, then a steel cage match between these two is absolutely necessary. There is a very obvious line you don’t cross and if true, then J.R. crossed it. I believe it happened, strictly off of Smart’s reaction. You don’t go that crazy over a simple shove in a preseason game.

Also, Tatum and Rozier had to literally tackle him to stop him. Rozier legitimately grabbed his legs and Tatum brought him down. I don’t think Rozier would have stopped Smart if it didn’t escalate to something that out of control because Scary Terry is one to throw hands at a moment’s notice. Just ask Joel Embiid.

Another reason I think that J.R. said something about Smart’s mom is because of Smart’s reaction in his postgame interview. Out of nowhere, Smart said, “And that’s on my mama, may she rest in peace.” This was totally unprovoked, so maybe he’s alluding to the fact that Smith did say something about her on the court. Who knows?

Either way, it kills me to announce that I no longer like J.R. Smith. I will miss watching games just to see him play, but when you fight and trash on my team, then I am left with no other option. This is absolutely not going to be the last time these two go at it, but I just hope next time, J.R. gets his wish and can actually fight Smart “in the street.” Twitter tough guy J.R. Smith really showed him.

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Photo: Cavs Nation


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