It’s Now or Never for Isles’ Ho-Sang

It really is such a disappointment when an NHL prospect never reaches his full potential.

The league has a rich history of these in guys like Pavel Brendl, Brian Lawton, Alexandre Daigle, Bobby Carpenter, and a slew of others. It always sucks for the team and their fans when this happens because when it does occur, it feels like you waisted a valuable draft pick.

One has to wonder if that is the case with the Islanders and their forward Josh Ho-Sang. Ho-Sang, the 28th overall pick in 2014, has been an enigma for the Isles ever since joining the franchise. He has a ton of talent, can absolutely fly, make plays with the puck, and can produce (12 points in 22 games last season).

However, it seems that he has a very poor attitude. In an article by Isles’ scribe Andrew Gross of Newsday, Ho-Sang basically said that practice really is not important and that the only thing that matters is the actual game itself. Sounds a bit like Allen Iverson, right?

Ho-Sang, 22, also went onto say that “lots of people are very good in practice. I have good days in practice. But I think you need to bring it to the game because they play 82 of those.”

Like I said, he definitely has an attitude problem.. Yes, I understand that games are important, but so are practice habits. He is wasting both his time and the Isles’ time if he continues to believe and preach this.

Ho-Sang should also remember that if he wants significant playing time, he needs to impress his new head coach Barry Trotz. Trotz is now a Cup winner and understands what his team needs to do to be successful.

In that same Newsday piece, Trotz indicated that practice is important for structure, attention to detail, and being able to use what you learned in practice in a game.

If Ho-Sang does not get his act together, there’s a good chance that he will blow his NHL opportunity with the Isles. Not only could that happen, but other NHL clubs may see and hear the way he acts and be completely turned off by him.

If I’m Ho-Sang, I work hard in every situation whether it’s a practice or in a game. It’s time for him to start acting like a professional if he wants to play in the best hockey league in the world.



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