Jags QB Gardner Minshew Could Be Your Newest Cam Girl

Jacksonville Jaguars newest starting quarterback, Gardner Minshew, is staring down the pipe of a huge new endorsement. The popular sex cam sight, CamSoda, is offering Minshew $1,000,000 to become an official brand spokesperson and fitness class instructor.

“Mr Gardner Minshew,

I wanted to reach out and introduce myself. I am the Vice President of Camsoda, a leading adult camming site. I happened to come across several articles stating your affinity for doing band exercises in the locker room in only your jockstrap and/or naked. Being that you are now the starting quarterback of the Jacksonville Jaguars, I wanted to reach out and see if you’d be interested in teaming together with us.

In 2018, CamSoda announced the launch of “CamSoda Fit,” an online fitness program line streaming group classes taught by several adult entertainment stars, including Kelsi Monroe, amongst others. Currently, the program offers three classes a week, included classes for yoga, bodyweight and HIIT. Given your newfound fame as the starting quarterback of the Jacksonville Jaguars, we would like to formally extend you an endorsement deal. As part of the deal, we’d like for you to lead a weekly exercise class for CamSoda Fit that you can livestream from the comfort of home- or the locker room. Our only requirement is that you incorporate band workouts into your class and do them in your jockstrap and/or naked.

Furthermore, since Halloween is fast-approaching we’d love for you to be the official brand ambassador of our penis puppet line, which we launched in 2017. The knit costumes that fit over your penis and balls are available in several styles- a watermelon, elephant, and vampire. This year we plan on unveiling new designs, including a jaguar. ”

If you’re Gardner Minshew, you’ve got to at least consider the offer. An extra milli to do your weekly stretches with a jaguar on your weiner? Hell fuckin yeah brother! Offers like this don’t just cum to your door every day. Imagine the intimidation that opposing DT would feel after seeing you do high intensity interval training with your balls flowing in the breeze.

With that mustache, this was a role you were born to embrace. Plus, AB taught us you can’t instagram live the locker room, but nobody ever says you can’t run a sex cam from in there.

Photo: The Lewiston Tribune


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