Jake Arrieta Is Not Helping His Case In Philly

I feel like I am in 2015 again. Bryce Harper did something stupid, and a teammate had something to say about it. The only difference is that it is Jake Arrieta calling him out, not Jonathan Papelbon, and there is no choking involved, sadly.

In the fourth inning of Monday night’s Mets-Phillies game in Queens, Harper got rushed onto the field not during his at-bat, to argue balls and strikes. He was ultimately tossed, after having to be held back by manager Gabe Kapler.

Harper did have a point in arguing though, since he was banged out on two really bad strike calls that altered his first two at-bats in the game, but the $330-million dollar man should not have flipped out the way he did.

Jake Arrieta took exception to Harper getting tossed when he said things like:

  • “We need him in right field. I don’t care how bad the umpire is, he wasn’t great for either side. I’m out there, trying to make pitches, he misses some calls, so what? We need [Harper] out there.”
  • “I’m out there doing everything I can to win a game. I need my guys behind me, and they weren’t.”
  • “We need him in right field. I don’t care how bad he is, I need him right field, I need him at the plate, and he wasn’t there.”

I get why you would be frustrated after losing that game, but you pull a Papelbon and call him out in public, with everyone watching? It wasn’t like it was a one on one conversation, or even over the phone. Everyone was around you in the clubhouse.

What does it say about you when you’re worried about yourself? At the end of the day, it’s a team sport. Arrieta practically blamed the loss on Harper. Not on the bullpen, not on the offense who was shut down by Steven Matz, or not even on himself. He deflects all blame to someone else.

Jake Arrieta, grow up. You’re playing in one of the most hostile sports cities in the country, and you just bashed one of your own? Who are you, Terrell Owens? This sets up a hostile environment in the clubhouse, this does no good for your team, and more importantly, yourself.

Can Arrieta be moved because of this? It’s doubtful. Especially with the rotation being as thin as it is. But Arrieta, check your Harper contract sized ego at the door, and be a better teammate.

Photo// Sports Illustrated



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