Jesus, it’s Lebron-Hating Season Already?

So there I was, watching Game 5 of the ALCS, when I decided to check Twitter. Red Sox stuff here, Astros stuff there, nothing out of the ordinary. It was, after all, an MLB playoff elimination game. But then I saw something that was, quite frankly, disturbing…

Oh yeah, NBA season started. I forgot. Though I must admit, I’ve been dipping my toes into NBA Twitter lately because a lot of the content is absolutely hysterical. But this one tweet reminded me why I steer clear of basketball media: LeBron James.

Yes, that’s right. I hate LeBron James. I’m a hater and I’m proud of it. I’m not pretending to know more about basketball than anyone. I’m just outing LeBron as the fraud that he is. If you don’t know that about me by now, you must not follow me on Twitter.

So when I saw that tweet, I was aggravated. Yeah yeah, it’s LeBron’s first game as a Los Angeles Laker, blah blah blah. That’s all fine and dandy and I understand why it’s a marketer’s dream. What I don’t understand is why people are so insistent on praising LeBron over every little thing he does.

Now I’m forced to watch people praise their “King” with crown emojis over a NOTHING play. I mean seriously, watch that dunk back. Was anyone even close to LeBron as he drove to the hoop? The man is 6-foot-10 with incredible athleticism, an uncontested dunk should not be that difficult to convert.

Whatever, I’m used to it by now. Overreactions are just a part of Twitter, and nobody overreacts like a LeBron stan. I get it. But then I saw THIS…

Are people being for real, or am I getting trolled? I’m not even exaggerating when I say there’s nothing even remotely impressive about that dunk. Imagine you’re LeBron James, on a breakaway, with no defenders within a 20-foot radius of you, and you’re trying to break the internet with a highlight. You’d probably break out a windmill or a 360 or something, right? Apparently not, because all you have in your repertoire is a cockback dunk.

And guess what… the people absolutely love it. Not because you did anything, but because you’re LeBron James. That’s just how it goes for LeBron. He makes a free throw, the crowd goes wild. He makes an uncontested layup, the internet goes bananas. He gives more than a 20% effort on defense? The fans yell “GOAT” from the rafters. It’s sickening.

I don’t want to waste my breath, because NBA season is long and I’ll likely be writing blogs like this frequently. Besides, it’s still baseball season and I’m not ready to start hating yet. I simply don’t have the energy right now.


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