Jonathan Martin Taken Into Police Custody

Yesterday, former Miami Dolphins Offensive Lineman Jonathan Martin was taken into custody by police. You remember Martin from “BullyGate” which involved former Dolphins, and current Bills O-linemen, Richie Incognito. Martin has said he endured a great deal of bullying in high school and in the NFL. Bullying on any level, at any time, is one-hundred-percent-wrong. But what Martin did today to get himself placed in police custody was one-million-percent-wrong and indefensibly idiotic.


Given the sensitive nature of gun-talk and political bullshit, we will NOT be discussing the 2nd amendment or policies or any of that nonsense here. I am not anywhere close to qualified, and WTP Sports has a strict rule on politics. We deal with that stuff on our own time. Instead, I’d like to talk about something called human decency and common sense. Two things every human being should strive to utilize and practice. Bullying is terrible but does it in no way give you the right to threaten, harm or scare ANYONE. Especially with the use of a gun and social media. We are becoming a more sensitive society, yes, but no matter how “hard” you think you are or how “soft” you think everyone else is, doing what Jonathan Martin did was flat-out wrong. 

The domino effect of Martin’s actions included the closure of his former high school, Harvard-Westlake High, in California. After the most recent school shooting tragedy in Parkland, FL, our country is on high alert. Hints at any type of school violence will be magnified and investigated, but this one solved itself. We have a former student, who has been documented saying he’s a long-time sufferer of bullying, posting ludicrous pictures with direct quotes of violence. This was a no-brainer, he had to be apprehended.  Tagging the men you accused of tormenting you, hashtagging your old school’s name onto the gun and hitting the world with an all-time chilling quote of “when you’re a bully victim and a coward, your options are suicide, or revenge” is gonna land you on the police radar 10 outta 10 times. Have some awareness. Have some self-control. Have some human decency and common sense.

It’s painfully obvious Jonathan Martin is having a rough go of it. I’d hate to speculate on what he’s dealing with, whether it’s PTSD, anxiety, depression, or some other mental illness. Perhaps he just had a momentary slip in judgment. Either way, I hope he finds peace and happiness. It’s clear he has neither right now. I don’t know of too many happy, peaceful people doing what he did today, do you? Regardless of what he says, if & when he issues his apology, what he did today was unforgivable in my eyes. To unnecessarily cause panic in a community while simultaneously painting yourself as an unstable, broken man in the wake of another school massacre is just sits so fucking wrong with me. There are just so many better ways to deal with the internal issues you’re suffering from. I hope Jonathan Martin gets his life under control and we should all be rooting for him to do so. But until then, Martin needs to get some help. And I hope he does.  

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