Jordan Poyer’s Wife Liked A Tweet Calling Tom Brady A “Pedophile Version Of The Joker”. RIP Jordan Poyer.

A WTP fan came to us tonight with some grade A twitter detective work. Jordan Poyer, a safety with the Buffalo Bills, might need to be sidelined on Sunday because his wife has put him in a relatively tough spot. As if his job wasn’t hard enough on Sunday playing against the electric factory known as the Patriot offense, Poyer will now have to deal with the inevitable eying he will get from the quarterback.

Honestly, its not even his fault. I almost feel bad for him. This dude is probably at home minding his own business right now as I write this. His Instagram model wife hasn’t even told him about it. She’s in the other room while he’s watching MNF. Poor dude is going to be wondering why he’s got 74 targets on Sunday with post routes straight up the field. He’s going to be eying Josh Gordon’s insanely large arms swinging at him all day long at probably around 300 miles an hour conservatively while Brady just heaves balls up in his direction. He’d probably be lucky that its only Gordon and not Gronk.

Make no mistake, the beef here isn’t with Poyer, it’s 100% with his wife liking a stupid comment on twitter; but unfortunately for everyone involved she won’t be on the field sunday. So proving a point will come at the expense of Bill’s D fantasy owners, and Poyer’s playing time. RenderedImage.jpg-2.jpeg

Bonus pics of Rachel Bush, Poyer’s wife.Rachel-Bush-Gronk-2.jpgChkotVjWMAAr8Qg.jpg



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