Kareem Hunt Should Be Done

As a Kansas City Chiefs fan, it sickens me to write this. I’m supposed to be looking towards February with Super Bowl aspirations, but instead, I’m writing about another inexcusable display of domestic violence at the hands of an NFL superstar.

The Chiefs star running back, Kareem Hunt, reportedly was involved in a physical altercation with a woman back in February. However, nothing ever became of it as charges were not filed against Hunt and legal action was not pursued by the alleged victim. Therefore, the story disappeared, everyone went on with their lives, and Hunt returned to playing football.

Fast forward today, where the incident resurfaced when TMZ released footage of the altercation, which shows Hunt shoving and lightly kicking the victim. The video is not as graphic as the ones with Ray Rice or Joe Mixon, but the footage is incriminating nonetheless.

As always, the story of the entire incident and what was said in the heat of the moment is not known. With that being said, Hunt’s actions are unacceptable and should immediately be met with ramifications from the NFL. We’ve seen so many instances of domestic violence that have been met with light disciplinary action. The league can’t afford to make the same mistake here.

As of now, the NFL and the Kansas City Chiefs have yet to comment on the situation, and Hunt is still a member of the team. Time will tell what sort of disciplinary action he will face and whether or not he will ever play football again.

More details to come.

Photo: Pro Football Weekly



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