Karma’s About to Hit These Racists Hard

“If my unit sees that, I’m dead.”

Yeah, no shit. If it hasn’t happened yet, karma’s about to bite a couple of meat whistles in the ass for their racist antics in the bleachers of Wrigley Field last night. I will not call these two “fans” because real fans wouldn’t behave like that at a baseball game.

On what was supposed to be Wrigley Field’s Hispanic Heritage Night, things got ugly for a few Hispanic fans following the game’s conclusion. While the reason for the altercation is not yet clear, it was obviously big enough to spark an all-out brawl in the bleachers.

There was pushing and shoving, there were punches thrown, but most importantly, there was hateful racism spewed by the asshole in the black t-shirt (and probably his buddy in the white hat too). Yes, I know we don’t know the full story and the other side could have been the aggressors, but that doesn’t excuse racism. Ever.

Another disappointment here is the Cubs security, who looked like it was their first day on the job. This situation should have never escalated the way it did, and the two racist toolsheds should’ve been escorted out of the stadium immediately. Also, you’ll allow a brawl with racial undertones to keep escalating, but you’ll call out a guy for filming it with some “private property” bullshit? Get real.

This is the face of someone who knows he’s fucked. Much to his chagrin, this bigot was recorded and now he’s viral. Whatever his job is, his unit will see it. So will his family, friends, future employers, and just about everyone else who has access to the Internet. There’s no undoing it now. Karma’s coming for him…

Photo: Chicago Sun Times


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