Kreider Needs to Step Up for the Blueshirts

With it pretty clear that the New York Rangers are now in a rebuilding mode, there are certain veterans that will need to step up and show the way for the team’s youngsters.

One such player is Chris Kreider. While he is only 27-years-old, Kreids has been in the league for five full seasons and while he has done rather well, there are still things he needs to show in order to prove to the team that he can be one of their most consistent and reliable players.

For Kreider, it all starts with consistency. There are some nights when is dominant and there are other nights when he completely disappears.

This is something that cannot happen anymore. He is considered a veteran on this hockey club and he needs to start bringing it every night.

When Kreids has his whole heart in the game, he is amazing to watch. He’s got a great shot, is probably the best on the team at tipping pucks in, he’s a hard body to move in front of the net, and he knows how to drive the crease either with or without the puck.

Secondly, he needs to be a leader both on and off the ice. He needs to set examples for the youngsters by coming to the rink every day and working his ass off. He seems like a great guy when giving interviews, but something tells me that he might be a bit selfish at times.

That shit needs to stop if that is the case. Kreider still has the potential to be one of the game’s elite power forwards because like I said, when he is on his game, he’s a beast.

Lastly, Kreider needs to show he can be a force in both ends of the ice. We all know how powerful he can be in the offensive zone, but it would be nice if he could play the same in the defensive zone to create turnovers and odd-man rushes going the other way.

Kreider is the absolute man, folks. He’s a lot of fun to watch, he gets extremely pumped when he puts the puck in the net, and he is probably the main reason why the team beat the Montreal Canadiens in the 2014 Eastern Conference Finals when he barrelled into star netminder Carey Price in Game 1.

If Kreider can put it all together this season, he is going to be a very key part of this organization moving forward.




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