KSI vs Logan Paul… Who Wins?

Saturday, August 25th, the largest event in Youtube history. 8 fights in Manchester Arena will be live-streamed to Youtube for $9.99 (which can be purchased here ) and is scheduled to start at 11am EST. The two main fights for the night are Deji (KSI’s brother) against Jake Paul (Logan’s brother) and obviously KSI vs Logan. Before we get into those fights, let’s take a quick look at the undercard.

Match 1: Call me Ham vs Jrizzy Jeremy

I’m gonna keep it real, I don’t know who either of these people are and this was a last minute addition to the card. Both are relatively small Youtubers and have no prior experience. So I’m gonna flip a coin, heads is Ham, and tails is Jrizzy. Yes I did really flip a coin, and it was heads, so you’re first winner of the night, Call me Ham.

Match 2: Rackaracka vs Scarce

This is the first big fight of the night with a combined 10 million subscribers. Neither competitor has any prior experience, but Scarce has the significant size advantage so I’m gonna take him by TKO in the 3rd round.

Match 3: FaZe Sensei vs overtflow

Finally, a match that I can actually talk about. FaZe Sensei is a karate expert who has fought on the amateur MMA scene with multiple knockouts to his name. overtflow is a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu master who also has fought in the amateur MMA scene with several wins. These two have sparred in a limited capacity before in the MMA, but this time the boxing gloves go on, and there’s no holding back. Sensei has helped KSI train for both his Joe Weller fight which he won back in February and for this fight, so he is fairly experienced with boxing. overtflow has trained boxing before, but this will be his first boxing match. The slight edge Sensei holds against flow is that training and boxing experience. Mix that with his karate to counter the Jui-Jitsu and Sensei edges it out by points in what could end up being the match of the night.

Match 4: AnEsonGib vs Jay Swingler

This could be a fun match to watch consider these two are good friends in real life and have collaborated on youtube in the past. Gib fought at the prior event as well against MaxFifaPlays and TKO’d him in the 3rd round. Jay has no prior experience and adding that to the massive size difference, and this could be a quick one. Overall, unless Jay’s technique is on par with Mayweather, there may not be a chance for him. Gib KO’s Jay in the 2nd round.

Match 5: Momo vs RossiHD

Another pair of Youtubers with no prior boxing experience making my job very difficult. From what I have been able to find out about these guys on short notice is that they are both extremely skinny (based on their Youtube videos) which takes KO out of the picture. Yet another coin flip going off points, heads is Momo and tails is Rossi. Tails, Rossi brings it home.

Match 6: JMX vs Coach Richard

This is a very interesting matchup. JMX is a big, athletic guy who has backgrounds in soccer, but no combat sports. Coach Richard is a former runner who won a gold medal in the 2013 European Games for relay racing. 2 athletic guys, with no combat experience. With height, weight, and athleticism being so similar, this is going to be potentially the evenest fight of the night. I have JMX taking it by TKO in the 3rd round.

Okay here we go, the main card. Before we get into analyzing the fights, I’m going to link a few Youtube videos pertaining to these fights.

LA Press Conference

London Press Conference

KSI Podcast

Logan Paul Podcast

Viddal Riley Podcast

KSI vs Logan Face 2 Face

Deji vs Jake Face 2 Face

Match 7: Deji vs Jake Paul

The younger of the two pairs of brothers will be squaring off right before the main event. Leading up to this fight these two have gotten into it multiple times. At both press conferences there was pushing and shoving, and today, Deji showed up to the gym Jake was training at to talk crap, and Jake Paul sucker punched him. Both of these guys have lost their composures but it really does seem like Jake has the mental game won after the Face 2 Face. Many people have been dismissing Deji from having a chance, but when Viddal Riley, his former boxing coach, said that he had more raw talent than KSI, that shocked a lot of people. Just for reference, Viddal Riley is an amateur boxer who represented England in the 2014 Youth Olympic Games where he placed 5th, and has won multiple amateur championships. He has recently signed with Floyd Mayweather Sr to be his trainer for his turn pro, so his high praise of Deji has backing. If this statement is true, and Deji is in shape, Jake is going to have to make sure every punch he throws does major damage. Both of these guys could snap and lose their composure at any time during the fight getting disqualified, so the mind games will be huge during this match. In the end, I think Jake’s punches are going to be too heavy and he will slowly wear down Deji ending with a TKO in the 6th.

Match 8: KSI vs Logan Paul

The main event. The challenger Logan Paul against the champion KSI. He won the first Youtube boxing event in February of this year against Joe Weller with a TKO in the 3rd round after training for only 4 months. People dismissed him and refused to believe he could do it, but he proved everyone wrong. The leadup to this fight has been very similar since Logan is so much bigger he’s been given the edge. KSI and his trainer Viddal have just used this as motivation. In a recent video, KSI said this camp he’s focused purely on precision and mental skills with speed/ strength in the back of his mind. Bradley Martyn, who is a YouTuber who is famous for being very strong, has let both KSI and Logan punch him in the stomach (cross and hook) and face (jab). In the Logan Paul edition, he seemed relatively unharmed by the multiple punches to his abs but did say they hurt and let out a small grunt on the last one. When he got hit with a jab the first time, his head did move, but he immediately said to go again, and the second punch seemed to shake him. When he met up with KSI, the results were very different. The cross to his stomach knocked him back (didn’t happen with Logan) and he gave out a loud grunt before walking around the ring. The hook made him bend over and ask for water immediately. He said it was impressive that KSI was able to hit the exact same spot after taking a break between punches showing just how hard he has worked on his precision. The jab to the face (both were with headguards and its currently unknown is headguards will be worn August 25th) was very shocking. Bradley dropped the towel from his mouth after his head snapped to the side and immediately took the headguard off and walked around. This reaction came from the guy who was hitting his head on a heavy bag and a wall to warm up. With KSI’s combination of precision and power plus the speed he showed while training at the Mayweather gym with Mayweather Sr, Logan Paul could be in trouble. So, the predictions from the fighters themselves. Logan Paul predicts he will knock KSI out in the 3rd round after demolishing his head in the first two rounds. KSI was much more detailed with his plan. Body shots in the first, body shots in the second which will leave him unable to react. Body and big headshots in the third, and a knockout in the fourth. While it may be difficult to knockout someone the size of Logan (6’3-4 200lbs) for KSI (6’0 180lbs), the power and precision he has shown time and time again makes this very possible. Combine that with the nearly year of training with a champion boxer, sparring world champions both in boxing and MMA, and his prior fight experience, his odds are looking very good. Logan had to walk off stage at the London press conference because of the crowd, so how will he react to 20,000 people in an arena? KSI has won the mind games with ease and he’s hoping to follow up in the ring. Both competitors have come out and said there will be a rematch so this likely won’t be the last fight between the two, but with KSI hopeful to go pro, he may want to go out on top this Saturday. My final prediction KSI knocks out Logan Paul in Round 5. The body shots catch up to Logan just as they did to Joe Weller 7 months ago, and Logan won’t be able to keep up with the technique and speed of KSI.

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