Live from the Middle Urinal Ep. 140: I’m Out On Pangaea

This week, Matt is joined by Dom to talk about the action this week from college football and Dom’s somehow first in-person college game (0:00), the Tennessee upset having shades of Appalachian State (6:00),  NFL WEEK ONE GUESS THE LINES (17:00), and LOCKS OF THE WEEK (1:01:00). Then, Phil joins the show to talk Dorian (1:23:00), how is this Antonio Brown stuff STILL getting weirder (1:34:00), the Mets breaking the hearts of their fans and blow a six-run ninth inning lead (1:40:30), and some surprises from the first weekend of college football and it’s time for Notre Dame to join a conference already (1:45:00), and answer some listener hypotheticals, including risking your life for a friend’s, if Pangea still existed, and living in the Sahara or Antarctica (1:58:00).


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