Los Angeles, why Frank Vogel?

May 12th, 2019, the Lakers announced that Frank Vogel will be taking over as the new Head coach and it has many people confused. The Lakers interviewed more than five coaches and they came up with Frank Vogel. A big reason for this—you guessed it—is Lebron James. Lebron James might as well be named the coach of the team.

Frank Vogel is known for coaching the Indiana Pacers and the Orlando Magic. From 2002-2004 he was the assistant coach for the Boston Celtics and in 2005 he was the assistant coach for the 76ers. His head coaching career record is 304-291, 13 games above .500. This man beat out Tyronn Lue (who also would have been a terrible pick) and Jason Kidd (who will serve as his assistant coach). Shannon Sharpe said it best about how Mark Jackson didn’t even get a call to interview for the Lakers job. Lebron James is the reason for this all and Laker and Lebron fans will never admit it.

Mark Jackson is too smart and good of a coach to be controlled by Lebron and Tyronn Lue didn’t want to see himself as an assistant coach to Lebron again. Frank Vogel will be easily persuaded by Lebron’s ways that he will do whatever it takes to ensure “The kings,” happiness. The Lakers hired a coach JUST good enough to put on their roster so it didn’t seem like a complete waist of an interview process.

Another reason I believe this is because of the success, or should I say lack of success Vogel has had against James. Vogel has never beaten James in the post season (0-3) and a well below success percentage against him in the regular season. Now, all he has to do is draw a couple plays and watch LeBron either execute or o his own thing.

The hiring of Jason Kidd as an assistant coach is also confusing because Jason Kidd is no slouch of a coach. Having Giannis under his belt as one of the players he’s coached in nothing to bat an eye away from. The combination and place of power are what’s confusing. The Lakers didn’t really make an amazing move at head coach and this will either lead to Lebron having to just carry the load (again) and hope his young players can stay healthy to help him, or the Lakers will have another postseason-less season and have to repeat a panic mode offseason and hope Lebron doesn’t ask to leave.



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