Madison Bumgarner threw a hissy fit on the mound after Max Muncy hit one of his pitches into next week

I’ve been on the record saying that I hate Madison Bumgarner for a good while now and that I want more people to get on board with my thought process.

My wish may have finally come true.

Yesterday, the Giants and Dodgers were playing a completely normal game up until Max Muncy absolutely DESTROYED this Madbum fastball.

After taking his time to see if the ball was headed to Asia or not, Muncy began his slow trot around the bases. Bumgarner, perpetually having a pole up his ass, wasn’t having it and began to bark at Muncy, as he has done to many a player. Muncy was having none of Bumgarner’s BS and reportedly told him to go fish the ball out of McCovey Cove. 

I’m not a fan of Max Muncy, BUT I am too much of an anti-MadBum person that, by default, I love him for taking a fat shit on the Lefty’s face.   

The internet has been ROASTING the everloving shit out of Bumgarner for this showing, mostly because it’s not a great look to try and act tough to someone that literally just hit one of your pitches into a different timezone.

Anyways, Madison Bumgarner is a bitch and here’s some more evidence of that.

Photo: Jeff Chiu/Associated Press


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