Manny Machado Builds His Resume for Biggest Douche in Baseball as the Dodgers Take Game 4

In a wild, extra-inning affair, The Los Angeles Dodgers were able to beat the Milwaukee Brewers in Thirteen Innings to tie the NLCS at 2 games apiece.

This game managed to be somehow more entertaining than the Cubs-Rockies 13 inning battle in the NL Wild Card game.

The Brewers were almost immediately behind the eight ball, as their starter, Gio Gonzalez rolled his ankle against the first batter of the second inning and had to come out of the game. Brewers manager Craig Counsell said that, if the Brewers are to go all the way, Gonzalez won’t be apart of those plans, implying he is done for the year.

In response to this move, the Brewers added Zach Davies to the active roster to take the place of the injured Gio.

Counsell then had to call upon his overworked bullpen, that was in desperate need of a quality start, to come in and keep the game close for 8 innings. And, true to form, they did just that.

The score remained 1-0 until the 5th inning, where Counsell made the bold decision to pinch hit for Freddy Peralta, who was cruising, for Domingo Santana with a runner on first. Santana proceeded to double in the right-center field gap and score Orlando Arcia all the way from first to tie the game at one.  

Corbin Burnes would enter in the 6th and this is where the Manny Machado Soap opera began.

Machado, being down in the count 0-2, attempted to call for time after Burnes had already started his motion. He took a fastball right down the pipe and then proceeded to bark at home plate umpire Hunter Wendelstedt, who isn’t required to call time if you ask for it, and was nearly ejected from the game. It was a very strange moment in a game that didn’t need any additional fireworks, but boy was there more to come.

Photo by Matt Slocum/ Associated Press

Let’s jump ahead to the 10th inning (yeah not much happened after the game-tying double), where it seemed Machado had a simple groundout to Arcia, but on his way through the base, Machado intentionally dragged his foot across the bag, clipping Jesus Aguilar’s ankle in the process.

Now, it wasn’t a particularly dirty play because it’s not like he spiked him or anything, but it’s the fact that it was Manny. He’s a guy who has a reputation of doing shady shit. Then in the postgame interview, he explained himself by saying “Things happen,” and “I’m just always hustling.” First off, fuck you and secondly, when has Manny Machado EVER hustled out a groundball?

Anyway, the game would continue into the 13th inning, where Machado got on board to start the inning because of course he did. He would then move into scoring position on a ball in the dirt, and was knocked in by Cody Bellinger on an RBI single to right to end the game.

2-1. Dodgers win. Series tied.

Craig Counsell caught some flack for choosing to pitch to Bellinger when the slumping Yasmani Grandal and the pitcher were coming up next. I think it’s dumb because you would’ve had to pitch with the bases loaded if you were to walk Bellinger and Grandal, where there is no room for error and the game’s on the line. Then again, maybe I don’t know baseball strategy.

Manny Machado is a piece of shit and the series is tied. Things will only get more interesting in the ever-critical game 5.

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