Marcus Spears’ legendary rant about LSU-Bama on ‘Get Up’ literally had Stephen A. Smith speechless. Why does this man not have his own show yet?

Full disclosure, I had no idea who Marcus Spears was before this past weekend. Sure, he had a very successful 9-year NFL career with the Dallas Cowboys and Baltimore Ravens and is currently the co-host of SEC Nation, but prior to the build up and aftermath of LSU-Alabama, he wasn’t even in my brain. 

But, we may be witnessing one of the quickest rises into super-stardom we’ve ever seen in the world of sports media. 

It all started with Spears, a former defensive end at LSU, setting up a stand at the University of Alabama campus with a sign saying “Tell me I’m wrong: LSU is better than Bama”.  It was a very funny video and showcased Spears’ humor and on-air charisma as he vigorously and passionately tore the Bama fans a new asshole. The weekend continued to get better for the former Tiger as LSU emphatically beat the Crimson Tide IN Tuscaloosa to vault themselves squarely into the discussion for being the best team in the country. 

But then, Spears truly had his crowning achievement. 

After BATTLING with Stephen A Smith on Get Up last week in one of the most entertaining ESPN segments in years, Spears and Smith returned to the Get Up set to do a little reaction split-screen and boy oh boy did it not disappoint. 

For almost a full minute and a half, Spears was allowed free range to show why he might be the most dynamic talker in the business that no one knows about. He TORE into Smith, at one point saying “Give me all the excuses, Big money Stephen A”, alluding to Smith’s brand new five year $40 million contract extension he signed last week, and then hammering it home by saying “Champions don’t make excuses, DAMN IT!” It was a rant for the ages; Mike Greenberg couldn’t stop laughing, the camera crew and producers  were clapping by the end, and it was punctuated by Stephen A saying that he didn’t have a comeback, a response that had Spears throwing his hands in the air, a la Rocky Balboa. 

It was amazing. The last week of Marcus Spears being on ESPN’s flagship morning show not named Sportscenter was one of the biggest rises in stock we’ve maybe ever seen, save for Pat McAfee’s move to Barstool. Rarely has someone gone toe-to-toe with Stephen A Smith and come out clean on the other side, let alone with the hands raised high in victory. That one minute and twenty second rant from Tuesday’s episode of Get Up should be enough to get Marcus Spears his very own show at ESPN, or any network in the country if we’re being honest. Put him on the college football gameday broadcast, put him in the booth, put him behind the mic on radio, I don’t care, but I NEED more Marcus Spears in my life. He is incredible, and I hope and pray LSU wins the National Championship this year just so I can listen to this man lose his mind for the next 11 months.

Photo via ESPN


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