Martellus Bennett is Back… on Injured Reserve

Just two weeks after returning to his rightful home, Martellus Bennett is being placed on Injured Reserve. The beloved tight end missed yesterday’s win over Miami with both shoulder and hamstring injuries. Apparently, the hamstring injury was a larger factor in his absence yesterday, but Bennett will now finally have the shoulder surgery that was such a hot topic when he was released by the Packers last month.

After being waived, Bennett was determined to prove himself to his new (old) team, and in his first two games back with the Pats since being claimed off waivers, he caught 6 passes for 53 yards in just 24 snaps.

This turn of events should at least shut up Green Bay fans who were griping about Bennett being selective about playing for the Pats after sitting out a bunch when he was still on the Packers. Sure, he might love New England more – who wouldn’t, honestly – but clearly, this is about a mind being willing when the body isn’t able.

I think Martellus Bennett is an incredibly motivated, hardworking player who has been pushing himself as far as he could go, and now he’s finally at the point where he needs to accept his current situation. Green Bay or New England, Marty B simply isn’t healthy, and all we can do now is send him well wishes for a speedy recovery.


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