Martellus Bennett Just Announced His Retirement

It’s official: Marty B is done with football. In a lengthy and emotional post, Bennett said that he has decided to “move on from the world of football and into the fantastical and wondrous world of creativity.”

Bennett was instrumental in the Patriots’ epic 2017 Super Bowl comeback win, and rejoined the team after a brief, yet dramatic stint with the Packers. He played with the team before being placed on Injured Reserve, and was unable to play in the Super Bowl.

Read his full statement:

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I’ve decided to move on from the world of football and into the fantastical and wondrous world of creativity. To be honest I was never really a football player I’ve always just been a creative guy who played football. I’ve loved some parts of the game but never everything about it. The game of football has been a huge part of my journey but it has never been my final destination. Nor has it been my life’s work. I always knew that this roller coaster ride would end I’ve enjoyed every up and down twist and turn, as well as every scream and shout. It was fun, scary, exciting, painful, frustrating and I’ve had the joy of being on this rollercoaster a lot longer than most. But it’s time to get off of it and ride another ride at MartyLand as I begin my life’s work of creativity something that I love every single part of. I would like to thank all of my teammates that have listened to my crazy ass ideas in the sauna, cold tubs, hot tubs, planes, buses, lunch table, dinner table, breakfast table, training rooms, in between meetings, before meetings, after meetings, before & after practice, during special teams periods at practice lol, at your houses, at my house, the bathroom, equipment room, my art studio. I’d like to thank the coaches who found ways for me to be creative at work because they knew I needed that balance. I appreciate you all. I will keep my end of the bargain and give you guys a discount when I open up my first theme park you and your families will always be welcomed at everything created at Martellus Bennett’s Imagination Agency. @theimaginationagency

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We’ll miss you, Marty B.

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