Meet Chicago Bears Super Fan Chase Daniel

Every once and a while, professional athletes remind us all that despite being famous and making substantial money, they are still regular people who love to have fun. That fun often happens at the expense of their fellow teammates.

If you don’t know who Chase Daniel is, it’s okay because neither did I (that’s actually a lie). Daniel is a longtime NFL backup quarterback who signed with the Chicago Bears earlier this offseason. He has lived the dream backing up the likes of Drew Brees and Alex Smith, earning millions to stand on the sideline, hold a playbook, and make the occasional appearance in blowouts and Week 17. He even has a Super Bowl ring!

Since Daniel has seen limited action in his long career, many people have zero clue who he is, which may include some his Bears teammates. Knowing this, Daniel decided to have a little fun at training camp.

With just a dad-style bucket hat and a pair of athletic shades, Daniel hid in plain sight among the crowds and gathered numerous autographs from his teammates. Judging by his Twitter account, it looks like he pissed off a lot of parents.

Nearly everyone was duped by Daniel’s antics, including Mitch Trubisky, the young quarterback that he’s mentoring. Needless to say, the youngster’s reaction was absolutely priceless.

Chase Daniel’s undercover operation is another lighthearted, feelgood story that we can all enjoy. The moral here is that athletes are fun-loving people too, no matter how rich and famous (or just rich in Daniel’s case) they are.

Photo: Chicago Bears


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