Messi and Ronaldo’s reign of the Ballon d’Or has ended…for now

For the first time since 2008, the names Messi and Ronaldo will not be announced in the same sentence as the Ballon d’Or. Luka Modrić, the Real Madrid and Croatian Midfielder, has won the most prestigious award in soccer.

Modric had an unreal season, claiming the top spot over every player in the world. He helped lead Croatia to the World Cup Final, won the UEFA Champions League, won the Golden Boot at FIFA World Cup, won UEFA Men’s Player of the Year, and claimed best FIFA Men’s Player of the Year. It doesn’t take stats to win an award like this. Modrić, game after game, put on an absolute performance, truly the key to Real Madrid’s success and Croatia’s. Modrić made history by winning this award, ending probably the most dominant run between two players in all of sports, and two of the best ever in the sport. It’s a shame that Messi and Ronaldo could not keep it going, but every reign ends at some point in time.

Lionel Messi finished FIFTH in this year’s Ballon d’Or, which is basically a joke considering he scored 45 goals, had 23 assists, and won 3 trophies, all in 54 total games. It’s disrespectful to put Messi that low; true fans know where Messi should be ranked. Even if he didn’t win, top three is what he deserves. Its unfortunate he didn’t win, and unfortunate he was ranked incorrectly.

Cristiano Ronaldo finished in the top 3 along with Antoine Griezmann. Ronaldo will most likely be a favorite next year, but for now he has been dethroned by someone other than Lionel Messi.

Photo(s): Bleacher Report


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