Michigan players are ripping off JK Dobbins’ shoes off. Rivalry week is off to a great start.

What does Rivalry look like? This is what it looks like. 

During this years Michigan vs Ohio State game, two Michigan defenders attempted to slow down OSU RB J.K. Dobbins by literally taking off his shoes. 

I mean, how else can you stop him? He’s one of the best running backs in the country, he’s already torched the Wolverine’s defense today, so you might as well try to just rip his shoes off and make him miss a play or two. 

This is just like when JR Smith used to untie peoples shoes during free throw attempts.



Or how about when Demarcus Cousins rifled Jeremy Lamb’s shoe into the stands? 

These Michigan players are the definition of gamers. Doing what it takes to win. Gotta love The Game.

Photo via Fox Sports


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