Middle Urinal Must Bets: NFL Week 4


ANYWHO, welcome to Middle Urinal Must Bets, presented by the WTP Sports Book (go DM @WTP_SportsBook on Twitter to place your bets). Each week on Live from the Middle Urinal—an OK-at-best podcast you certainly should(n’t) listen to—myself and fellow degenerate sports bettor Dom not only talk about our favorite bets for the following week, but we guess the lines, talk about the bad beats from the week before, and of course, give you our…


Last year, we started these suckers a little late and weren’t able to finish the season, but this year we’re in it for the long-haul. After going 4-0 (Matt) and 2-2 (Dom), now we’re committing to 16 weeks of pickin’ LOCKS for the boys. Get excited. This year, we’re also going to add in a consensus bonus pick, one that we both like.

So far, we’re 6-4 on the year combined and with our bonus picks—not a bad start for 2 guys who don’t know what they’re doing. Now, without further ado, here are our LOCKS OF THE WEEK for NFL Week 4.

Matt (2-1; lifetime, 6-1)
The Game: Washington Redskins at New York Giants; Sunday, 1:00 pm
The Pick: NYG -3 (now -3)

There are 2 things I know about this game for a fact: 1. Washington stinks. I hate to say it—actually, no I don’t—but they’re just simply not a good football team; and 2. Daniel Jones is not a walking corpse, which already makes him better than Eli at this point in his career. I know lots of people are overreacting to Jones’ big game against the Bucs last week, and while that took a missed FG to turn into a win, I think he could play just as well against the ‘Skins. This feels like the classic set up for a Giants letdown when they get trounced by the Vikings and Patriots the next 2 weeks. I like the number.

Dom (2-1; lifetime, 4-3)
The Game: Jacksonville Jaguars at Denver Broncos; Sunday, 4:25 pm
The Pick: DEN -3 (now -2.5)

Plenty of people are going to talk about the altitude and its impact on football players in this game. There’s also something about a rookie QB coming to that environment and taking on a Vic Fangio led team. He’s great at exploiting weaknesses, and the Broncos have shown that they can hang with good teams, so hanging with a Jags team that may or may not be good shouldn’t be out of the question. Denver at home in the first few weeks is always good value. This may be the last week that’s true.

Rob (0-0; lifetime, 0-0)
The Game: Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals; Sunday, 4:05 pm
The Pick: SEA -4.5 (now -5)

Seattle has looked out of sorts in the past few weeks, and for those who listen to the podcast, you know we don’t like to bet against Russell Wilson. He’s pretty good at football, ya know? The line moved to -5, which admittedly, is a little bigger than we’d like, but going to play a Cardinals team that doesn’t seem to be able to do anything but just hang around might be just what this team needs. It smells like a Russell Wilson TD pass to go up 7 late in the game. Feed me!

The Game: Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens; Sunday, 1:00 pm
The Pick: BAL -7 (now -7)

Lamar Jackson has done literally everything in his power to make people realize he’s good at football, and that’s included going toe-to-toe with the reigning NFL MVP in Mahomes. And while he looked a little off at times last week, this is a big chance for him and the Ravens to bounce back and put a beating on a division rival. Dom and I have been at odds all year about the Browns, and while I still think they’re going to figure it out, I think this is their “rude awakening” game. Seven is a big number, but the Ravens might mess around and win this game by 21. Book it.

Every Sunday morning, I’ll be bringing you these picks, so make sure you place all your bets with the WTP Sports Book by DMing us at @WTP_SportsBook on Twitter. Go make some money, folks. And listen to the show on Wednesdays anywhere you can find podcasts (and below)!


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