Mike McCarthy and John Harbaugh Cry About Hits

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers was knocked out by Vikings defender Anthony Barr’s bruising hit, and he is now accusing Barr of giving him the middle finger as he walked off the field. Then, in Thursday Night Yawnball, Dolphins linebacker Kiko Alonso tried to send Joe Flacco to the loony bin with a shoulder thrown at a sliding Flacco’s head after a ten-yard run.

Do I like either hit?  No, but can’t these idiots dial it back and look at some of the hits their own players have made over the years? The Ravens are annually one of the cheapest teams in the league, and never do we hear a peep from Harbaugh about Ray Lewis or Terrell Suggs and some of their questionable tactics. What Harbaugh might want to do is stop driving fantasy owners crazy with his 3 suck-ass running back carousel, pick one to carry the load and tell Joe Flak Jacket to sit tight in the pocket and stop using his head as linebacker bait.

As for McCarthy, someone show this hypocrite the video of Russell Wilson getting absolutely crushed by Clay Matthews on an illegal block


Did anyone hear Mike’s disgust after Clay Matthews tried to ISIS Russell Wilson’s head? Maybe we can’t make out the words because Mike was stuffing his face with Hot Pockets. As for the middle finger claim that Rodgers made on the Conan last night as violins played in the background, the video is inconclusive; but if in fact, Barr did toss him the bird, then what? The electric chair for Anthony? Or perhaps we just Jason Paul Pierre the offending digit and let Anthony play the rest of the year with nine fingers.


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