Mike Trout’s Record-Breaking Contract Just Means That He is Locked In The Hell That is Mediocrity For Twelve More Years

Financial security is everything.

Today, athletes are looking to get paid all they are worth, and then some, for as long as possible to set themselves up once their playing days are over. We are seeing players, now more than ever, cashing out for more and more money with increasing frequency.

See Mike Trout.

Trout, the consensus best player of this generation, just today signed record-breaking 12 years, $440 million contract extension with the Angels, the largest contract in the history of North American sports by a country mile.

I understand Trout wanting his money, and he is probably, no, definitely, the only baseball player who deserves such a contract, but what is forgotten in all of this hubbub over the details of the contract is that Trout is stuck in shitty-ass Anaheim for the next 12 fucking years.

It’s well documented how bad of a job the Angels front office has done to surround Trout with a team that is capable of winning, and with so much money now being tied to him for the next 12 years, it’s going to be even more prevalent.

Look back at the history of transactions the Angels have made since Trout came into the league: Josh Hamilton, Tommy Hansen, CJ Wilson, David Freese, Tyler Skaggs, Matt Joyce, Andrelton Simmons, Luis Valbuena, Ben Revere.

The ONLY good investment the Angels have made since Trout came up was signing Justin Upton, and even he isn’t enough to push the Trout and the Angels into contention.

The Angels have been total piss and shit ever since Trout came up, only making the playoffs once and are fresh off of three straight losing seasons. It’s maybe the biggest waste of talent that we have ever seen in the sport.

Do you really think that this is going to change? It’s not like the $440 million investment is going to free up money to surround Trout with high-end talent, and they don’t have the farm system to go get elite players via trade.

Trout is now stuck in the same situation he’s been in for the last seven season for the next TWELVE FUCKING YEARS.

At least Bryce Harper is walking into a solid situation for the next 3 or so years, Trout is staying put on a horrid team where nothing is going to change.

I would say I pity the man, but I’d play on a team full of toddlers for $36 million per year.

Enjoy being the next “Greatest to never win a ring” Mike Trout, the label is pretty prominent.  

Photo Reed Saxon, AP Photos 


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