Mikey T’s 2018 MLB Power Rankings, Part 2

The MLB 2018 Season is just 4 days away, and I can’t wait to finally sit down and watch baseball again. Today’s article is part two of three in introducing my 2018 MLB Power Rankings headed into the new season.

First, let’s recap teams ranked 30-21:

30) Miami Marlins

Pretty obvious why these guys are at the bottom of this list at least for now, don’t think there’s much to debate here. If you do, you shouldn’t bother continuing to read this list…frankly because you don’t know baseball if you don’t see why these guys are last on the list.

29) Cincinnati Reds

Lost one of its long time vets, Zack Cozart, leaving Joey Votto and Billy Hamilton as the last of the ‘big names’ in the Reds lineup, not expecting much from this group in 2018.

28) Kansas City Royals

The life without Cain, Moustakas, and Hosmer will be a major adjustment process, and probably very weird for KC fans. 

27) Detroit Tigers

Last year, their ace, Jordan Zimmerman, had an ERA over 6, and there’s not many major threats in their lineup. Low expectations for 2018.

26) San Diego Padres

New addition in Hosmer will be exciting to see in a lineup with Wil Myers, but this team lacks pitching and defense.

25) Atlanta Braves

Maybe, but most likely not, this will be the year all of Atlanta’s young talent breaks out. 

24) Tampa Bay Rays

Not many names on the Rays roster are the same as they were last year so a lot is in question, but I guess they still have Chris Archer.

23) Oakland Athletics

Sneaky good lineup in Oakland, not enough pitching yet. But this lineup alone will win the A’s some games this year, just not enough. 

22) Chicago White Sox

Another team hoping its top prospects have a breakout year, but 2018 probably won’t be the year of the ChiSox.

21) Baltimore Orioles

They have Manny Machado and Adam Jones still, and they finally traded for a decent starting pitcher in Alex Cobb to even out their rotation, but the only team the O’s will contend with in the AL East in 2018 is the Rays.

Today I reveal teams 20-11:

20) Texas Rangers

Nothing really jumps out at me when I look at Texas. Don’t get me wrong they always place a solid 9 guys out there and compete well with most teams. But in 2018 I don’t see them making much noise at all.

19) Pittsburgh Pirates

Long time Buc Andrew McCutchen will now be playing for the Giants and Gerrit Cole will be pitching for the Astros in 2018. With a lot of young guys and different leadership in the clubhouse, 2018 is likely not their year, but they will win some games.

18) Toronto Blue Jays

This is a team that I feel could be even lower on this list but I have such respect for Marcus Stroman and the way he controls a baseball game. I don’t expect them to make much noise in the AL East this season.

17) Seattle Mariners

Such a cool story of a team headed into the 2018 season; bringing Ichiro back home, as well as the addition of an All Star who plans on changing positions in Dee Gordon, the Mariners are excited to try and put an end to the longest postseason drought currently in the MLB. Maybe they can sneak into a Wild Card game, but I don’t see enough here to consider them as serious contenders. Nonetheless, I’m excited to get to see Ichiro take right field in his first game back at Safeco Field.

16) New York Mets

Some offseason additions helped bolster their lineup both offensively and defensively. This starting rotation is my favorite in the league but they are never all healthy at once, therefore we’ve never actually witnessed what could come of this pitching staff. If they can stay healthy and maybe make a move before the deadline for a middle of the order bat, they could climb up this list quickly. But for now, I’m not convinced this is their year.

15) St. Louis Cardinals

A team that always finds themselves in the mix when the time counts most, but at least to start out the season, I think the Cards belong right dead smack in the middle of this list. Too respectable to put any lower, but not enough to convince me they belong any higher up on this list just yet.

14) Philadelphia Phillies

They’re not going to win the World Series in 2018, but this team is going to win a lot of games. They are a few roster moves or big signings away from being legitimate contenders, and I’m excited to watch it all happen in the coming years.

13) Arizona Diamondbacks

Great season in 2017 that was brought to an abrupt end in the postseason. With J.D. Martinez in Boston and Greinke coming off a below average season, the DBacks have a lot to prove to me in 2018.

12) Los Angeles Angels

Is it Sho Time? His Spring batting average tells me ‘no, it is not,’ but this team made some good offseason moves, and hopefully Ohtani is at least the Ace the Halos need. They’re not far off, just not all the way there. 

11) San Francisco Giants

Well, they’re only so high on my list because it’s an even year, plus I have a ton of respect for both Andrew McCutchen and Evan Longoria. Maybe they can get back to their old pace and shock the league. Probably not though.

There you have it. Of course, most of you only care about the Top 10, and rightfully so. But if I started with those, nobody would care about the other teams to crack the list. So, unfortunately you’ll have to stay updated on my Twitter account until I let you know when I’m dropping my Top 10. Follow me @WTPMikeyT913.

As always, Go Sox!

-Mikey T


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