Mookie Betts Did Something Amazing Last Night, Just Not On The Field. -@WTPscotch

We see people post social media videos of these people walking around on video handing out hundreds of dollars to homeless people and claiming they’re doing this for the charity, when it’s clearly for the attention. It’s sad, really. But I have a story here that’s a bit different. One where publicity isn’t at the center of a good gesture, and actually was done under the cover of night to avoid the publicity.

Mookie Betts, yes Red Sox MVP Mookie Betts, was out late last night. The guy wasn’t out celebrating a win, or even at home sleeping now prepping for a travel day to LA to play the next leg of the World Series. Instead, Mookie Betts was on the streets of Boston, giving back to a community that’s in need.

There’s no doubt that this nation, like many, faces a crisis. Homelessness is sad and horrible. But last night, in the ice cold fall night, Mookie Betts made sure that some of these people who are going through hard times had a hot meal to go to bed with.

Trays of food lined the sidewalks as these people felt a warm friendly gesture, some of whom rarely have the chance to feel.

While people walk by these individuals on a daily basis, this multimillionaire superstar athlete took time and money out of his own pocket and helped people.

Mookie Betts is not only a phenomenal athlete, multitalented and charismatic, but the guy is just a purely nice and genuine human being which is what sets him aside from the competition. There are more important things in life than a game, and clearly, Betts knows this. Betts didn’t come with an entourage of cameras and social media leeches to document the moment. Luckily, somehow, someone aught a picture and mentioned Betts so we can recognize this act. But it all would have been the same if he was never recognized. Just a kind gesture in an otherwise harsh world. Hopefully, people see this move by Betts and it inspires them to act kind, not for the recognition, but for the feeling of happiness it will bring to others.

Hats off to you, Mookie Betts.



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