MUST WATCH: England Wins The Netball Gold Medal

“Netball, you pay for the whole seat BUT YOU ONLY NEED THE EDGE!”

If you’re a netball fanatic like I am, you know how electric the sport is. Each play seems to be more exciting than the last. But today, I was lucky enough to stumble upon the greatest netball highlight in the sport’s storied history (from April, 2018). Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my first ever MUST WATCH video.

Are you kidding me? On the sport’s biggest stage, Helen Housby draws an obstruction, gets the ball back, and NAILS the two-footer for the win. Chaos ensues, as the English Netball team celebrates. The adversity… the recovery… the execution… simply incredible.

What makes the video, though, are the announcers. These two could do color commentary for a chess match and I would order it PPV. Their enthusiasm is unmatched, and their understanding of the game of netball is second to none. Tim Vasgersian and Jessica Mendoza could learn a thing or two from this duo.

P.S. Was that Lebron on defense there? How about a little effort?

Image: @EnglandNetball on Twitter


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