NBA execs are saying Kyrie Irving is “Playing all of you guys,” and will be back in Boston next season

Since the end of the season, everybody’s been wondering what Kyrie Irving will do next. Some fans don’t want Kyrie back in Boston, and some do. Nobody has any clue what’s going through Kyrie’s mind. For all we know, he doesn’t even know what he wants to do yet as far as next year goes. We can all make our speculations and have our opinions of where we think he’ll go, but nobody knows but the man himself.

BUT… According to some league executives, Kyrie Irving is not going anywhere and will be returning to Boston next season.

“He’s playing all of you guys right now,” a front-office official with a Western Conference team told A. Sherrod Blakely and NBC Sports on Thursday. “Say what you want about his leadership and all that nonsense, but the one thing we know about Kyrie is he will do what is best for Kyrie. The money, chance to win a title sooner rather than later, have his own team … all that stuff matters and when he looks at all the different options he’ll have, I think he’ll have one of those, “what the hell was I thinking?” moments and go back to Boston.”

Even with the way the season ended, an NBA scout who has been following Kyrie since he was playing at Duke also believes that he will be back in Boston.

“I know this season didn’t end the way Kyrie or the Celtics wanted,” the scout said. “But when you look at what went wrong for them, it’s easy to blame Kyrie because he didn’t shoot the ball well. But when you hear what others are saying afterwards, Brad (Stevens) saying he did a bad job, players talking about how they sacrificed this and that … it’s pretty obvious that they had a lot of issues going on that were bigger than just one player, even a player as good as Kyrie.”

“I think he comes back and he comes back with an attitude; a little edgier with not just his words but his play.”

Where Kyrie Irving will end up will be all speculation until June 30th comes around. As a Celtics’ fan, you should want Kyrie back in Boston. It’s pretty easy to blame him for how much of a letdown this past season was, but at the end of the day, it wasn’t all his fault and shouldn’t have all the blame put on him. I want Kyrie to come back and keep the Celtics’ in contention for a championship for years to come.

Until Kyrie tells me otherwise, I’m still anticipating the day where I see him hold the Larry O’Brien trophy over his head, and Banner 18 is being raised to the rafters in TD Garden.

Photo: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports


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